Kids from the ’90s be ready, this time it’s all about Old School.

Dj Kiki and SnikOne have blended for you a new DanceHall Fever mix strictly dedicated to the early DanceHall and to those tunes which by now are at least 10 years old. Starting from ’91 we have tried to sum up 12 years of great music and emotions.
Like always, please, let us know what you think about this mix and what you would like to hear next time.

Special thanks for the art work to LUCA TWEEDE


Mr. Boombastic – Shaggy 1995
Street Sweeper Riddim: Hot Gal Today -Sean Paul & Mr.Vegas 1999
Street Sweeper Riddim: Boom Wah Dis – Burro Banton 1999
Chiney Gal Riddim: Give It To Dem -Sizzla 2000
Chiney Gal Riddim: Changes -Ce’Cile 2000
Double Jeopardy Riddim: Bad gal,Bad Man -Ce’Cile & Elephant man 2001
Good In Her Clothes -Capleton 1999
Show Time Riddim: Searching Dem Searching -Wayne Wonder 1998
Show Time Riddim: Bashment Party -Red Fox 1998
Hurricane Riddim: Hunt You -Capleton 2009
Orgasm Riddim: Full Hundred -Mr.Lexx 2000
100 Dollar Bag -Beenie Man 1999
Blackboard -Beenie Man 1997
Xrated -Shabba Ranks 1999
Action -Buju Banton & Nadine Sutherland 1991
Living Dangerously -Barrington Levy & Bounty Killer 1995
Hot This Year -Dirtsman 1991
Bam Bam Riddim: A Who Seh Me Dun -Cutty Ranks 1992
Bam Bam Riddim: Dem A Bleach -Nardo Ranks 1992
Batty Rider -Buju Banton 1992
Limb By Limb -Cutty Ranks 1993
Boggling queen -Simple simon & Sister Smurf 1992
Donna -Singing Sweet 1992
Could You Be Loved Riddim: Big Bills -Bajja Jedd & Screechie Dan 1996
Could You Be Loved Riddim: Big Up -Shaggy & Rayvon 1996
X5 Riddim: Drama -Cristopher 2002
X5 Riddim: After All -Wayne Marhall & Elephnat Man 2002
X5 Riddim: Baddest Girl -Lady Saw 2002
X5 Riddim: Just Dead -Bounty Killer 2002
Wash Out Riddim: Shock Out -General Degree 2002
Wash Out Riddim: Nah Lie Pon It -Hawkeye 2002
Wash Out Riddim: Dat No Lie -Kiprich 2002
Wash Out Riddim: Glad To Say -Mr.Vegas 2002
Wash Out Riddim: Bun Ah Fire -Red Rat 2002
Wash Out Riddim Higher Level -Elephant Man 2002
Bad Company Riddim: Row Like A Boat -Beenie Man 2003
Bad Company Riddim: People & People -Buju Banton 2003
Bad Company Riddim: Han Up Deh -Beenie Man 2003
Bad Company Riddim Chiney Ting -Elephant Man 2003
Dancehall Queen -Beenie Man & Lady Saw 1999
Here Comes the Hotstepper -Ini Kamoze 1994
Informer -Snow 1993
Shy Guy -Diana King 1995
International Affair -Sean Paul & Debbie Nova 2003
Buy Out Riddim: Nuttin Nuh Go So -Notch 2002
Buy Out Riddim: Work It Out -Voicemail 2002
Buy Out Riddim Miss L.A.P. -Beenie Man 2001
Buy out Riddim: She Drives Me Crazy -Mr.Easy 2002
Buy Out Riddim: Money 2 Burn -TOK 2002
Buy Out Riddim: Like Glue -Sean Paul 2002
Buy Out Riddim Real Niggas -Spragga Benz & Twice 2001
Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes -Beenie Man 1999
Superstar Riddim: Backshot -Lady Saw & Spragga Benz 2001
Superstar Riddim: Jukin’ Punny -Sean Paul 2001
Juice Riddim: Hardcore -Red Rat 2001
Juice Riddim: Shake Yuh Bam Bam -TOK 2001
Juice Riddim: Go Up -Mr Vegas 2001
Liquid Riddim: Can You Do The Work – Sean Paul & Ce’Cile 2001
Bookshelf Riddim: Bookshelf -Beenie Man 1998
Bookshelf Riddim: Deport Them -Sean Paul 1998
Bookshelf Riddim: Dat sexy Body -Sacha 1998