70 crazy minutes of the best tunes that Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee and Popcaan have released from 2010 until the very last days of 2013.

A mix done to be kept and played at any time when you need an injection of pure energy. Hosted by SnikOne, mixed by Dj KiKi and presented by RandomReggae.

Rise We Evil -Tommy Lee
Trailer Load o Money -Vybz Kartel
Get Gal Easy -Popcaan
Seductive and Sexy -Vybz Kartel
Too Cool -Vybz Kartel Ft. D.A & The Supa Dubs
Hop Off -Vybz Kartel
Pon Di Corner -Vybz Kartel
Diss Mi Friend – Popcaan
FryYiy -Popcaan
Stop Gwan Like You Tough -Vybz Kartel Ft. Gaza Slim
No Yes Man -Popcaan
More Than Neo -Vybz Kartel
Kuff Kaff Kweff -Vybz Kartel
Me Nuh Tek Diss -Tommy Lee
Buss A Blank -Tommy Lee
Clean Stamp -Popcaan
Bravery -Tommy Lee
Fuck It & Cum -Vybz Kartel Ft. Gaza Slim
Coolie Gal -Popcaan
Let Me Put It In -Tommy Lee
So We Do It – Popcaan
Duppy Know -Vybz Kartel
Head bad (See Me and Talk) -Popcaan
Tell You Say -Vybz Kartel
Party Non Stop -Popcann
Party Shot -Popcaan
When Mi Party -Popcaan
A Million -Tommy Lee
Only Man She Want -Popcaan
Love You Baby -Vybz Kartel
Open Up -Vybz Kartel
Dream -Popcaan
So Much Woman -Vybz Kartel Ft. Gaza Slim
Like A Jockey -Vybz Kartel
Duh Yuh Ting -Tommy Lee
Fi Get A 4ward -Tommy Lee
Get Gal Eazy -Vybz kartel
Ghetto Road -Vybz kartel
Clean -Popcaan
Put It On Hard -Vybz Kartel
Uncle Demon -Tommy Lee
Daddy Devil -Vybz Kartel
Tom & Jerry -Tommy Lee
Psycho -Tommy Lee
Dem Nuh Bad -Tommy Lee
Nuh fraid -Vybz Kartel
Teacha’s Choice -Vybz Kartel Ft. The Teacha’s Pets
Food Haffi Run -Popcaan
Can’t Do Without Me -Vybz Kartel Ft. Gaza Slim
Nymphomaniac -Vybz kartel
Nuh box pon jaw -Popcaan
Informer -Vybz kartel Ft. Tommy Lee
Bare Badness -Popcaan
Jah Watch Over Me -Tommy Lee
Galopoly -Vybz Kartel
Gal Gimme Wine -Tommy Lee
When Since -Vybz Kartel
Betray Di Gaza Boss -Vybz Kartel Ft. Tommy Lee
Street Vybz Girl -Vybz Kartel
Get your Own Lighter -Vybz Kartel
Love Don’t Lie -Vybz Kartel Ft. Stylysh
The System -Popcaan
Hot Like Fire -Tommy Lee
No Love -Tommy Lee
Freaky Gal Pt.3 -Vybz Kartel
Sparta Story -Tommy Lee
Dem Nuh Worry Me -Popcaan
Real Friend -Vybz Kartel
Warn him -Vybz kartel
Love Yuh To Mi Heart -Vybz kartel