Vaughn Benjamin lead singer of Midnite Arise Again in this inaugural performance as The Akae Beka for Nelson Mandela Day in Denver brought to you by Rockers Movement and Inity Weekly. A new vision, a new way into the light coming forward, Sunstar and Moon Reggae. It was a blessed evening watching Brother Vaughn Benjamin do his thing with the rest of the band. They played some new tunes and classics to raise the vibration in Denver through honest love with word, sound, power. More Power! More Strength! Vaughn Benjamin a true Prophet, so thankful for his presence! We Give Thanks as always for the blessing. Singers and Players, Poets and Prophets coming together to bring light. One Love my people see you again and again.

Set List:

1 – Cause Life to Flow
2 – Roll Call
3 – White Collar Criminal
4 – True King Spirit
5 – Rasta Man Stand
6 – Meditation (Babylon Fruits)
7 – Foolish & The Wise
8 – Late Night Ghetto
9 – The Eyes Are The Lights
10 – Mongst I&I